2nd Chance

( In production )

Life hasn’t been easy for Liam (Joshua Malik). His rough roots growing up have only taught him one destiny: a life turned towards crime. This is his fate, and he accepts it.
After a big score goes wrong, he is imprisoned. As he reminisces about the choices he has made up until this point, a police psychologist (Patricia Sluka) tries to get him on the right path.
Perhaps Liam is looking for a way to redeem himself from his past mistakes, or is everything not as simple as it seems?

Der weisse Hirsch von Gantrisch

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A young wannabe sorceress goes to a party on the Gantrischsee, gets entangled in the local mythology and saves with the help of the white deer her friend, who poisoned himself during the party with a magic potion. On the other hand, no weed seems to have coped with the confusion of Cupid’s arrow. The audience experiences an adventure in this short film – with one leg in the so-called reality, with the other one stuck ankle deep in the legendary world of Gantrisch. Action scenes alternate with contemplative calm and landscape shots as beautifully as not from this world. The story refers among other things to the legend “Helva and the magic net” and “the white deer” (see books by Andreas Sommer) …(Google translated. Texts will be updated soon.)


Agathe decides to murder her husband Frank with her lover in order to get his capital. But at the murder something goes wrong. An anonymous blackmailer has evidence of the murder and demands a large sum for his silence. At the money transfer but everything is clear. The lover was just played …(Google translated. Texts will be updated soon.)


The year 2054. James (Pauli Schmidig) appears, followed by bright flashes, in a phone booth. He awakens with a partamnesis and is only aware that he is traveling back in time in a time machine. In his pocket, James finds a note with the name and address of Gale (Julian T. Koechlin).

When James arrives at Gale, he finds out he’s involved in building a time machine. Before James learns more, Gale’s apartment is stormed by the state army, led by Marek (Ralph Gygax). It seems that James’ arrival was already expected. As the only way out, he sees a journey back to the time he came. But when he meets Catherine (Monika Varga) and Brad (Daniel Ratthei) in search of help, everything changes …(Google translated. Texts will be updated soon.)


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Der aufwändige Synthesizer-, Orchester-Hybrid-Soundtrack kombiniert neue Klänge mit einem treibenden Orchester.
Von eingehende Ryhtmen, gregorianische Klängen, bis zu malerischen Flöten, begleiten den Film.
Openair-Song für das fantastsische Comicspektakel Beaumonde. Hier wird geschaukelt zur Laute.