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Composing striking–as well as emotional–music for films and orchestras is not only a question of artistic abilities or technical know-how, because music starts in the heart of each and every one of us!

Anyone wishing to write the right melody needs to be able to listen very closely. And anyone wanting to compose has to embark on this adventure with all their senses.

Only by empathizing with a theme, a unique atmosphere or an enthralled audience will a composition impress its distinctive seal upon your product, your service, your corporate identity or your movie.

Music affects us emotionally like no other media. You can look the other way – but you cannot stop listening. Music reaches us all the time. No words or explanations are needed, music opens emotional spaces and engraves itself into your soul.

We will apply this powerful instrument residing in music with utmost care and ability in compliance to your desires and depending on the task.

We look very much forward to our co-operation.

Raphael Sommer does not let himself be tied down to composing soundtracks only. His passion for music that opens up the doors is too profound; his curiosity about life that constantly provides new ideas is too big. At the core of his heart Raphael Sommer will always be a classical composer. But he intends to go one step further by building a bridge to new genres in the near future. Unconventional and a maverick, he wants to enrich the world of classical and film music by creating synergies with rock and pop artists, dancers and choreographers. Raphael Sommer is ready for a new adventure.

Autodidact to be Switzerland’s youngest film score composer

Basel-born Raphael Sommer started to strike out on his own by pursuing unconventional paths. The fascination of film as a medium has always been – and still is – his constant companion.

Not surprisingly the sensitive artist extended his knowledge to become a film cutter and actor after high school.

The studies helped to shape his mind, sharpen his senses and raised his self-confidence. Eventually music entered his life. And it soon became very clear: this is his world.

He taught himself to play the piano and became self-employed at the age of 19 – this was the birth of the “Golden Swan Music“ company.

Being the youngest Swiss composer of film and orchestral music, Raphael Sommer worked very hard so that his voice could be heard within the music industry. His distinctive style enabled him to gain exciting assignments to write scores for films, documentaries, promotional films and short films.

The genres Fantasy and The Medievals were his direction to begin with where Raphael Sommer could develop to his full potential in this to-date unused niche in the Swiss film music scene.

Ever since that Raphael Sommer could broaden his horizon by composing the soundtracks to the very successful Swiss cinematic documentary film “Schweizer Geist” (Swiss Ghost) (2013) by Severin Frei as well as the cult movie “Camino de Santiago“ by Jonas Frei which was shown in the cinemas in 2015.

Der aufwändige Synthesizer-, Orchester-Hybrid-Soundtrack kombiniert neue Klänge mit einem treibenden Orchester.
Von eingehende Ryhtmen, gregorianische Klängen, bis zu malerischen Flöten, begleiten den Film.
Openair-Song für das fantastsische Comicspektakel Beaumonde. Hier wird geschaukelt zur Laute.