2nd Chance – Coming Soon
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2nd Chance – Coming Soon
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Life hasn’t been easy for Liam (Joshua Malik). His rough roots growing up have only taught him one destiny: a life turned towards crime. This is his fate, and he accepts it. After a big score goes wrong, he is imprisoned. As he reminisces about the choices he has made up until this point, a police psychologist (Patricia Sluka) tries to get him on the right path. Perhaps Liam is looking for a way to redeem himself from his past mistakes, or is everything not as simple as it seems?

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  • Director
    Daniel Königsberg/
  • Assistent Director
    Andrew Brezny/
  • Srennplay / Camera Assistant
    Douglas DaSilva/
  • 2nd Assistant Director
    Britta Eisenträger/
  • Light & Production Manager
    Biby Jacob/
  • Cinematographer
    Sven Uhlmann/
  • Music
    Raphael Sommer/
  • Sound Engineer
    Cyrill Borer/
  • Makeup Artist
    Karia Schümpferli/
  • Assistant / Runner
    Sami Lüscher/