Hanging by a Thread

They planned to fly there with their paragliders, where no one has ever flown before. High up in the Himalayas, far from civilization, five paragliding pilots meet for an expedition and do not know at this time that, for one of them, their joint adventure will become a life-and-death struggle

Ein Königreich macht Schule

The documentary film “Ein Königreich macht Schule” tells the story of the young generation in Cameroon–a generation that will enable a better life for future generations in Cameroon with education and an ever-increasing influence of technology.

Camino de Santiago

One way, a thousand fates. Life and stories of suffering, families and dropouts, hopeful and desperate: the “Camino de Santiago” (Santiago’s Road) every year attracts countless people on a journey to themselves. Some seek relaxation, others adventure or a spiritual experience. At some point, the paths of these people intersect. This documentary shows that the Way of St. James is much more than a pilgrimage. Between beautiful landscapes, culinary experiences and a lot of music, worlds collide and new friendships begin. Here, happy and tragic life stories meet and merge into the path that has long been a legend itself.

Der aufwändige Synthesizer-, Orchester-Hybrid-Soundtrack kombiniert neue Klänge mit einem treibenden Orchester.
Von eingehende Ryhtmen, gregorianische Klängen, bis zu malerischen Flöten, begleiten den Film.
Openair-Song für das fantastsische Comicspektakel Beaumonde. Hier wird geschaukelt zur Laute.